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Essentially you will fund me as a musician as I compose, run my Soundcloud, participate in competitions and auditions, and livestream all performances. You will also receive discounted prices on my albums. Your contribution will be acknowledged in all published works, performances, and after competitions as well as any future albums I may do. 

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I will release new works for SoundCloud every month with an explicit reference to you as my sponsor in the description. You will also receive a signed copy of "Wood, Metal & Skin"  if you have not already. Help create new art! 




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About Logan Fox

My name is Logan Fox, and I am first and foremost an entertainer. I wish to spread and convey the emotions I experience from music to audiences of all cultures across the world. I will be releasing my debut album as a soloist this coming year with my school’s own orchestra. The featured track will be Emmanuel Sejourne’s Concerto for Marimba and Strings, and it is absolutely cathartic in nature. I hope you will consider joining me on my journey of emotional exploration through the rhythms and sounds that I create. 

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