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is creating Horror novels in multiple series
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About Traverse Davies

I'm a writer. I have written five novels and one non-fiction book to date, as well as a lot of short stories. My stuff is all genre fiction and most of it has strong horror elements.
If you want to check out my work you can get my first novel for free in e-book (mobi, epub, or pdf)
So why Patreon? 
There are a lot of things I want to do with my writing and they are going to cost some money. A lot of it is production related stuff like better cover art, research, editing, all of that. Enough patrons will allow me to do that.
Thing is, that's pretty one-sided - so I'm offering you some value as well. Things like posters, mentions in books, advance reads, signed copies, etc. Also, I publish a lot on Medium - articles ranging from how to write to personal anecdotes to pieces of fiction. The lowest tier of my patrons will get a friend link to every single article I publish on Medium.
Let's make some cool stuff together! 

A Quick Note: I have a bunch of projects on the go. The writing is the big one, but I also do a bunch of non-fiction and I'm working on a survival series called Dollar Survival. It's all about surviving with very little. Also, I have planned a youtube series reviewing survival items from the dollar store.

I also plan to do a series of video reviews of zombie movies called Reviews of the Dead
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Outsource my covers
Right now I do most of my own cover art. I would love to spend more time concentrating on writing and less on design... meeting this goal would let me focus where I would like to be, allowing me to produce more books more quickly
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