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Hi, thanks for checking out my Patreon page!

I created a level editor called Realtime CSG which is sold on the Unity Asset store now open source and free!

Together with the Sabre CSG community, I'm currently working on its free and open source successor called Chisel!

With Chisel you can create levels in Unity at lightning speed, using hierarchical boolean operations on relatively simple meshes called brushes, in real-time. Together they automatically build up the a final regular unity mesh, which can be used for navmesh generation or light-mapping etc.

The technique behind it is known as CSG or sometimes referred to as BSP (although Chisel doesn't actually use BSP, workflow wise it's basically the same idea).
It's widely used in AAA for prototyping and grey-boxing, but is often it's also used to build entire levels which are then refined using prop meshes.

Through good UX it won't feel like you're working on lots of small meshes. It'll feel you are just working on the level. But because all of the non destructive nature, and the ability to do subtractive operations at lighting speed, you can easily go back and move & adjust things  without needing to redo a lot of work.
Older versions of the algorithm where able to remain silky smooth with more than 5000 brushes in the same model, the new algorithm I'm working on will be faster than ever.

With realtime CSG operations, you can drag windows around together with the hole for the window, because the hole can be subtracted before the window frame is added.
Of course you'll be able to edit generic brushes by hand
CSG is also perfect for procedural generation. Here are some simple examples, but in the future the goal is to be able to create anything with user designed generators, mixed with hand-crafted pieces. So that the user can have full control over the final result, but automate all the repetitive stuff
It's still the early days for Chisel, but with your help I'll be able to truly make it shine!

You can find the discord for Chisel here
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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