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Hello people!
So, I've come to share with you guys this really interesting way to take care of yourself, face first! The product I've created is called the Tea SheetMasks, that are basically blends of tea that are super helpful for the face, depending on the issue that you want to solve / treatment you want to have. 

But why use facemasks? How's that different from any other product around?
Well first of all, it's a completely natural treatment for your skin, and while the results take a little longer to show - like every other natural stuff - the good thing is that it won't hurt the derm!

Tea SheetMask It's a super smooth treatment and works with the ability of the face to absorb nutrients, and while drinking some of these teas would give you some benefits, the effect is much more heightened when put directly onto the face! 

Also, it's an awesome alternative for people with extra delicate skin and teens that are searching for non-abrasive methods to treat their faces!

Anyways, that's the tea! I hope you guys liked this idea and help me bring it further to life! 
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