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  • Joey's Solo Q&A Commute Show!
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You receive everything mentioned above in the Sally tier. There is no added benefit for your extra 1.66, except the eternal gratitude of the dark lord, Joey.



About Explosomagico

HELLO EVERYBODY and welcome to the LOLJK Patreon. For 5+ years Joey Kyle Kim and Brian have been "Saving The World One Topic At A Time (tm)" and at long last have decided to ask for some help. The first goal of this Patreon is to get your favorite podcast back to status quo, meaning it now costs about $60 an episode just to record (yay babies!!) Help us pay for child care so that we can continue screaming into mics for the foreseeable future. 

There are also several things we'd like to improve in the studio. We've been using the same mics now SINCE THE BEGINNING and they've taken a beating. We also could use some help paying for hosting. While we do still have a continually growing library of LOLJK/Explosomagico shirts, there's only so many gross t-shirts we can expect you all to buy.

"But Joey. Why the F would I give you guys money when I've been getting this awesome hilarious show for free for 5 years now?"  

Trust me. I hear you. I feel you. That's why it took us so long to launch this damn thing. We wanted to be sure it would be worth your while.  Worth our while. Worth the hassle to keep this baby afloat. We think it is and hope you do too.  Here's to 100 more episodes of horrible audio we will eventually have to hide from our kids.

<3 Joey Kyle Kim And Brian



Joey will do a commute radio show where he will answer your questions on his way to work. Nothing fancy. Just Joey half awake rambling into the microphone on the way to the daily grind. A new commute show will accompany EVERY EVEN episode (goal achieved!) of LOLJK. If you're interested in contributing questions and interacting with the commute show, check out the PATREON SECRET SITE reward tier below! Estimated length:10+min

With each new episode of LOLJK, patrons will receive the new password to a SECRET WEBSITE over on explosomagico.com.  On this site you will have access to all current and former episodes of JUSJK (see below), all current and former episodes of The Commute Show as well as question form where you can contribute questions to The Commute Show AND JUSJK.  Secret site members will also have the benefit of receiving first dibs on any limited time items and ORIGINAL ARTWORK Joey will be selling for at least 1 week prior to the unwashed masses. There's already a pile ready to go. Is it all good? No. BUT you will be able to buy it BEFORE ANYONE ELSE...except for secreter site patrons. More on that later...

LOLJK Co-hosts Joey  and Kyle will do a patron exclusive bonus show that accompanies every ODD numbered episode of LOLJK.  With little to no plan for what these shows will exactly entail, expect anything, everything and nothing. Joey + Kyle + you 4eva. The questions form on the SECRET SITE will also allow you to ask questions for this Patron only bonus show!  Awesome! Estimated length: 30ish min. 

This reward is an exclusive patron supporter WOODEN MEMBERSHIP CARD. The card will be engraved with your name as well as a PERSONAL 20% DISCOUNT CODE valid for any Explosomagico merch. This code will remain active as long as you are a $10+ patron. This includes any limited time shirts, and even the art for sale in the secret sites.  Here's a photo of these stunning beauties featuring artwork by Joey. Oh and did I mention that ALL 4 CO-HOSTS WILL SIGN the back of the card? I didn't? Well they will.  NOTE: This reward will only be delivered  once after you are billed for your first $10+ pledge. The code will remain valid as long as you are a member. Your code will be sent ahead of you receiving your card so you can use the discount right away. Please allow some time to get your card made and don't share your code with others. WE WILL KNOW. Sharing codes will cause them to expire permanently! 


As a thank you for going above and beyond supporting your LOLJK pals, you will receive an EXCLUSIVE supporter t-shirt that WILL NOT BE FOR SALE outside of this Patreon.  The design is a take on the holy saying we've been preaching to you for years now. Loyal listeners know of our horrible domain name. Something about god making something. Now, we made it a shirt. Yes, that's a doodie dotting the j. 

This reward will only be delivered once after you are billed for your first $20+ pledge. Please allow 1+ months for this reward to ship. Shirts will be sent to print on the first of the month just like our normal merch. 

This is it. The Top. The upper echelon of LOLJK support. THE SECRETER SITE(tm) is reserved for the most loyal, most helpful, most sophisticated LOLJACKER. Here you will find many of the same amenities as the Secret Site BUT with a twist.  You will have the Q&A form to submit questions to both JUSJK and the Commute show but with the added bonus that your question submissions will gain PRIORITY over submissions from the regular ol' secret site.  This doesn't necessarily mean ALL secreter site questions will be read, rather they will be considered first for inclusion and if there is a tie, Secreter Site questions will win. You will also get dibs on limited merch and original art  1 WEEK BEFORE EVEN THE SECRET SITE.  Is there a super weird piece of art you want? Well you can snatch it before people even have a chance to see it. I don't know much about art, but I'm pretty sure that makes it more valuable.

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We will do a commentary track for David Lynch's Dune, featuring #1 Dune fan Kim.
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