is creating Memes for peeps with tourette's, OCD, other invisible illnesses
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About Loltics

     Loltics seeks to bring laughter to anyone suffering from invisible illnesses - from tourette's syndrome to depression- and to unite us with those who don't through shared enjoyment of multiple daily original memes posted on our Instagram. I know firsthand from my own conditions how lonely a struggle it can be, and believe laughter is the best medicine to help us through our days. In addition, I hope to more accurately portray these conditions than is done by the misleading "swearing disease" tourette's wave of memes. 
      You should think of this as a tip jar, not as an obligation of any kind. I am employed full time and live a comfortable working class life, despite my severe cases of tourette's syndrome, OCD, and GAD. Of course, I'd be thrilled if I could give my conditions some relief by working less hours, but I'm certainly not requesting or expecting that level of support. However, I do currently sponsor a paid minecraft realm for teens and adults with tourette's syndrome. If I can raise even the <$10 /month that takes, I'll be more than happy.

Keep laughing away those tics :)

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