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About Letter of Marque Theater Company

Letter of Marque Theater Company (or LoM, for short) is an ensemble of interdisciplinary artists in Brooklyn, NYC. Drawing from areas of improvisation, music, devising, and live composition, LoM produces performances and events, all offered at little or no ticket prices. LoM is a non-profit dedicated to growing community and spreading an ensemble-minded culture through inclusive, responsive and accessible theater. To learn more, keep reading! Or visit the website at www.lomtheater.org.

Why become a patron of LoM? Because you love off-Broadway theater. Because you believe that artists should be paid for their work. Because free and/or cheap shows and events breakdown income barriers. Because you already know that LoM is above all, a community and an artistic home. Because your support is needed and has the power to really make a difference. And, you know, you get the perks...

Want to know more about the perks? For all donation amounts, we will mount your name on our company website as either a Favorable Friend (monthly donations up to $14/month) or as a Company Navigator ($15 or more/month). For amounts over $5, you'll get access to the Lieutenants Logs. These are short monthly videos produced by members of the LoM ensemble providing a backstage look at the goings-ons of our beloved ship of a company! Or go get prestigious on the Captains Deck by becoming a Commanding Officer ($50 or more/month) 2 VIP tickets to all LoM events and a special invitation to the LoM Board of Trustees BBQ!

Let's face facts. Public funding for the arts has almost completely dried up. And we just refuse to pass the buck onto our audiences with steep ticket prices. So we're reaching out to ask for your support. Every little bit helps. Because your small (yet powerful) donations are the same every month, LoM is able to have a steadier stream of revenue. This allows us to maintain the day-to-day operations as well as offer part-time administrative jobs to our ensemble as a supplementary source of income to them. AND, a portion of each membership will be earmarked for upcoming LoM shows and productions. 

Yes, your donations will help pay LoM artists!
Yes, your money will help pay for rehearsal and performance space!
Yes, contributions are tax-deductible!
Yes, your support will make a huge difference. Many hands lighten the load!
Yes, and you get the perks!

Since 2013, LoM has performed original plays, Shakespeare, live concept albums, and reinterpretations of classic literature. LoM brings playwrights into the rehearsal room to spark, develop, and showcase new works. LoM runs a wildly successful ensemble improv outreach and training program, Brooklyn Improv Training, sharing their unique approach to creating spontaneous scenes, characters, and story arcs. LoM has also been behind the many themed performance parties, Swordraisers! Each Swordraiser is different and treats guests to multiple performances, prizes donated by local business, and a party-wide competition to take home a real-ass, sharp and shiny "trophy" sword, fame, and glory.

LoM is helmed by Co-Founders and Co-Artistic Directors, Nolan Kennedy and Scarlet Maressa Rivera (but everyone refers to them as the Captains). The Captains are young veterans of the off-Broadway stage, having performed with multiple theater companies across NYC and the world. They are both talented multi-disciplinary music makers and bring more than 30 years of combined teaching artist experience. Nolan and Scarlet are also known for their producing acumen, having helped mount countless events and parties in NYC beginning in 2007. But, mostly, they are besties who love what they do.

What does the name mean? Starting in the late 1600's, Letters of Marque were given to non-military ships to allow them to legally attack and plunder enemy vessels. Some Letter of Marques even provisioned certain holders to commandeer friendly ships' goods and weaponry...you see where this is leading. Soon every pirate had their own "totally legit and bonafide" Letter of Marque signed by the Queen or King or President or PM or whoever. Basically, legal pirates. The name was chosen for the company because LoM strives to embody that same cunning spirit by creating social and community spaces that defy the trends of individualism through collaborative creation and training. Yo ho!

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