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About London Save Movement

The London Save Movement contains five local chapters of a worldwide movement called The Save Movement. We exist to bring light & acknowledgement to slaughterhouses and animal exploitation in and around our city. We hold weekly vigils, perform outreach in the community and are present at social events where we can bring more attention to the cause. Our ultimate goal is to close down all slaughterhouses and to create a peaceful, vegan world. Our content is shared worldwide on social media and allows people to make the connection to the individuals on their plates. These images regularly inspire people to go vegan and get active.

By donating, you are allowing us to do more and reach more people effectively. Anything you can offer helps us & in turn helps the animals. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

What is Bearing Witness?

The video below may help to answer some of your questions about bearing witness or why we partake in this type of activism.

Our Groups:

London Chicken Save has set up weekly vigils to inform the community of the horrors in our own backyard. We gather outside of Cargill Meats every Tuesday, where they slaughter 80,000 chickens a DAY! To bring awareness to this, we do demonstrations where we hold signs, hand out literature and bear witness to the animals suffering as they arrive.  

London Pig Save holds bi-weekly vigils and outreach events at FGO Processing in Ingersoll where roughly 1500 pigs, cows and lambs are slaughtered each week. We hold signs and bring attention to the suffering. We also hold regular Virtual Reality outreach events in which we give people the opportunity to view the reality of the life of a pig raised for human consumption. 

London Cow Save holds monthly outreach events at local dairy farms in the area as well as joining Pig Save at the FGO slaughterhouse where cows are also killed. We also travel to Toronto and Guelph slaughterhouses regularly.

London Fur Animal Save is holding weekly outreach events, focusing on fur, down, leather and animals used for their skin/fur/feathers etc in the fashion industry. We focus on a love-based approach to lead people towards veganism. 

London Fish Save is working on coordinating some materials and details for a demonstration event and vigils very soon.

Any amount that you can offer towards our goal will help us greatly. Thank you so much for visiting our patreon page and we hope to see you at a vigil some day!

Follow Us On Facebook:

We have separate FB pages for each of the animals we focus on - as there is a lot of content about different types of animal use. Like each of our pages below and join our Facebook group to stay connected and learn about our upcoming events. 

London Chicken Save
London Pig Save
London Cow Save
London Fur Animal Save
London Fish Save

Join Our Community FB Group:

Join the Facebook group for updates about upcoming events and to connect with other vegans and animal rights activists in the London, Ontario area. 

Thanks to all our past and present Patreon supporters:

Caitlyn lloyd
Ann Davis
Natalia Galeano
Chelsey McCallum
KW Animal Save
Dan Warren
Angelika Edwards
Silvia Presinszky
Rob McNeil

And to our community Sponsors for their ongoing support: 
Plant Matter Kitchen
Kre'Adiv House
BoomBox Bakeshop
Yoda's Kitchen

$39 of $100 per month
We are hoping to raise approx 100$ a month to raise funds for ongoing outreach materials such as anti-fur/down/leather leaflets, dairy awareness postcards, local activism information leaflets, slaughterhouse support line info as well as megaphones and a pop-up tent for all day events etc.
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