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  • Our heartfelt thanks and the ongoing creation of free vegan events and education.


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  • Our heartfelt thanks and the ongoing creation of free vegan events and education.




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About London Vegan Meetup

12 years. 9,000 members. 1,400 events. 100% free!

Various studies, surveys and articles show that vegan social groups are one of the most effective ways to create (and retain) vegans. Founded in January 2007, London Vegan Meetup is one of the world's largest and longest-running vegan social groups - with around 9,000 members, and a dozen events each month (more than 1,400 to date!)

Yet we have never charged for membership or attendance!

But that doesn't mean that it doesn't cost us anything to run the group. It takes both time and money. Operating costs include organiser fees, online event promotion, music licenses, marketing materials, and so on.

Nevertheless, we have always rejected passing these onto members or attendees, in order to ensure that cost is never a barrier to attendance - either for vegans on a low-income, or for non-vegans who don't want to pay to learn more about veganism.

However, recent changes to Meetup mean that the platform's built-in support for donations is no longer viable (as it implies that suggested donations are instead mandatory fees!) And the demands of the group have grown as its members have, making it increasingly challenging to keep membership and attendance free.

And we want to do even more!

  • We want to support local activists with training on how to make their advocacy even more effective, including what research and evidence there is to enhance existing tactics - and develop new ones.

  • We want to host events with speakers who have stories to tell, not just something to sell. But this means covering their travel costs, and even providing compensation for their time, as we'll be the ones gaining from such talks. We're also keen to include the experiences of the most marginalised vegans in society, and it wouldn't be right to effectively expect them to pay to educate us!

  • We want to support other causes. We've already raised funds for animal sanctuaries, vulnerable vegans, and other worthwhile causes, but our own income would also allow us to support them more directly.

So, if you'd like to (and are able to) help with the growth of this vegan community, and the creation of free vegan events and education, then we'd be very grateful for your support.

Alternatively (or even additionally) you might like to support advocacy / activism by vegans from marginalised groups, such as Brenda Sanders, Dr A Breeze Harper, Disabled Vegan, Eshe Kiama Zuri, or Woke Vegana.

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