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About Loneless

This Patreon charges upfront to protect against bots and scammers. You pay right after you pledge, then again at the start of each month. So, I suggest pledging earlier in the month rather than near the end.

Important for tiers $15 and up!: The sketch idea submission deadline is the 15th of each month! If you miss this deadline, your reward will be discarded.

Hehe, hi! My name is Loneless. You might have found your way here from the stuffs I do on the interwebs: adult illustrations.

I've been having fun doing this stuff for many many years now, so... why not make it something I can devote myself to more? Therefore, upon popular demand, I am creating this Patreon page.

Why do you have a Patreon?
Mainly just to help me out. Yet as it grows bigger I can dedicate more time to drawing and am not dependant as much on commissions anymore. I'm hoping I can pull back from them a little bit and focus on art more people can enjoy in general.

What do I get for being your Patron?
A warm feeling in your heart <3
For those who pledge there are super unf rewards! Like
  • HD archives
  • patreon exclusive edits/alternate versions
  • source files
  • monthly polls for one or more artworks
depending on how much you pledge, and a Patreon-only Discord.

All content, like HD images and working files, are shared through a Google Drive folder. Once payment is in I will ask you for your Google Drive email address. All materials for private using! Thanx!

Boi is this some kinda paywall?
Oof no! The only real exclusive content are the alternate versions of some artwork and the HD files. All of the best stuff you can see publicly!

You can find my art here:
Tumblr  *  
Twitter  *  Derpibooru *  Picarto  *  Discord Server  /''')w('''\
$15 of $30 per month
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