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My name is Lonely Christopher and I am looking for a wider audience and some financial support as I continue my lifelong dedication to creative writing. Thank you for being here.

I’m in my early thirties and have lived in Brooklyn since I was a teenager. I recently relocated to a home in Sunset Park with my partner Rijard Bergeron (also a poet) and our rescue dog Lucy (a beautiful pitbull). My main passions are poetry and social justice, with a concentration on HIV/AIDS activism and service provision. For the past six years I have been fortunate to work with homeless queer youth. For the past three years, I’ve been a medical case manager in Harlem, helping youth with HIV find housing and manage their healthcare. It’s fulfilling and I’m good at it. I am equally dedicated to my writing, so those two things consume most of my time.

Introducing my play Voyages at La MaMa Galleria, with the actors in the background.

If you are familiar with my work you know that I am a multidisciplinarian who is internationally recognized as an author of poetry, fiction, and drama (both stage and screen). If I had to pick but two descriptors for what I do, they would be “experimental” and “queer.” My first book came out in 2011 and it was a collection of bizarre short stories titled The Mechanics of Homosexual Intercourse (buy). It was selected for publication and edited by renowned countercultural icon Dennis Cooper and several of the stories have been adapted as short films.

Since then I have published a novel titled THERE (buy) and two books of poetry titled Death & Disaster Series (buy) and The Resignation (buy). This has all been on the “indie press” level. (That means that the print run is small, the distribution is limited, I don't make royalties, and ebooks and international sales are usually unavailable.) I have also written and directed a feature film called MOM and am in the process of developing/producing my first full-length play, Voyages, about the life of gay modernist poet Hart Crane.

My writing is strongly influenced by modernism, post-structuralism, language poetry, New Narrative, and queer theory. My themes are often dark and sordid, presenting anti-capitalist explorations of emotional conflict and abuse. My next book is forthcoming in spring 2020 and it’s a poetry collection titled In a January Would. It’s a baroque breakup book that begins in Paris and drunkenly careens around Brooklyn over the course of a misspent year, half of which I was homeless.

So, why am I asking for attention and assistance? Simply put, because I need it. I have an adjective for a first name and extremely specialized skills that aren’t valued in our society, so I’m looking for some kind of supplemental workaround that would make my daily existence less of a struggle. Whatever I can raise here will be a great experience and totally helpful, but of course I am also pursuing various other ways to develop my earning potential, as the capitalists put it. Right now that includes turning my attention to creative projects that are more likely to create some revenue, as well as looking for new opportunities in my day job.

Visiting Giovanni's Room bookstore with author Samuel R. Delany.

Nobody becomes a social worker for the money. As somebody who decided not to go to graduate school, I’m lucky to be operating on the level of a healthcare professional without applicable degrees. (Don’t worry: I’m well-trained and have much experience, and that’s not just my opinion.) Fun fact: service providers for homeless people struggle with many of the same issues as their clients. I love what I do but am not compensated enough to prevent food and housing instability and insecurity. Regardless the outcome of this experiment, I want to treat it as an opportunity to assert that my creative output has monetary value that the market won’t allow and that there are a few people willing to recognize that and able to contribute to my wellbeing.

I don’t really believe that my fanbase is large enough to impersonally kick back and watch the sugar flow. What I want to do with this instead is have a more direct connection with a select few friends and admirers who are each interested in being a supporter that, in return, receives exclusive access to a lot of my content along with news and announcements about my own literary and dramatic projects as well as other media that I find exciting. Most importantly, I promise to keep writing!

Reading at the Bureau of General Services - Queer Division with poet Jacob Steinberg (back of head).

I look forward to finding other people and organizations to support, in my own small way, and I would invite you to pledge whatever you feel able to me because even a dollar means something (and gets you a subscription to my newsletter). All benefits recur at their stated weekly/monthly/yearly rate for as long as you subscribe to your tier of choice. “streaming review” means one short-to-midlength response to a movie that is available through the catalog of popular streaming services such as Amazon Prime and Netflix. Book reviews will be mostly capsule-size: 1-3 paragraphs.

Remember to visit my official website for my full bio, CV, events listings, and more!
$157 of $200 per month
I'm in therapy! Fun fact: insurance doesn't cover most of it. My out-of-pocket cost for weekly therapy sessions is around $200. I'm not earning more than I did before I took on some extra financial responsibilities (including monthly student loan payments), which makes it tough, but I think we can all agree that I need professional help. That's not a joke, I'm mentally ill and going to therapy is important to me. Help me reach this goal to offset medical expenses!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 82 exclusive posts
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