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is creating a Wild West themed Action RPG
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Ranchers are the farmers in the Wild West. Work hard and support us with your harvests.


  • Your name in the credits.
  • A shout out on Twitter.
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I think you have farmed enough. You take yourself whatever you need and give a sh*t about the law. But don't get caught by the sheriff.


  • A pack of custom Lonesome Stickers.
  • Early access, before release.
  • Your name in the credits.
  • A shout out on Twitter.
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You seem to be more fearless than the toughest men. Your name appears on all WANTED lists of this country and you are a true pistolero.


  • A pack of unique Lonesome Stickers
  • Your name in the Game (NPC, Weapon, Town name, ...)
  • A game key on release.
  • Early access, before release.
  • A shout out on Twitter.




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About Lonesome Game

Hi, we are Lonesome.

We are a hack and slay wild west themed game developed by two German indies. The game is in development since October 2018 and we plan to release a Demo in March 2019. Our long term plan is to release our game on Steam and other platforms.

You should also check out our twitter page, where we post content regularly.

Special thanks to Chloe Spencer (Twitter: @cpotrun_chloe) for this awesome video review of our Demo.
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Unique monthly development diaries, created for our Patreon backers. We will give insights about our progress and blog about our newest in development features.
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