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$1 /mo
By donating even a single dollar per month, you'll get access to all Will Save World for Gold bonus content that gets posted on Patreon, including Will Save World for Masks and other past vote ince...

$3 /mo
At this "Patron Plus" level you'll also be able to see Patreon posts about non-WSWFG content, such as concept art or notes for other projects I've done in the past or planned for the future!

$5 /mo
As a "Patron Premium" you get all the previous rewards plus I'll draw you a WSWFG character sprite. Maybe a D&D character of yours? Maybe a favourite character from another work? Limited to my ...

$10 /mo
Welcome to "Patron Prodigious" status, my friend! Along with the character sprite the $5 guys get, I'll also draw your character a facesprite (similar to my avatar, 50x50 size) and 2-3 accessories ...

$25 /mo
You are a "Patron Prometheus", giver of fire and supreme benefactor of humanity. Patrons of this level have transcended the pixel dimension and can get a full-colour, shaded character drawing.