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$1 a month is peanuts when you think about it. That's only $12 a year for an entire role-playing game and accompanying resources.

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As a Master you get all of the benefits of being an Apprentice, but you will also get early access to Shapers material, which means you can help influence the game! Plus as an extra big  thank you for your overall awesomeness, you will get a special mention as an NPC in either the main game, or in a supplement!




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I have been playing RPGs since I was a kid and have been 'tinkering' with games I have played, writing new content for them. I even wrote an RPG in my spare time at university (much to the enjoyment of my cohorts).

At the moment I am focusing on creating a new RPG called Shapers.

It is set in a post apocalyptic world based loosely on our own. That's the over generalisation of the setting done for you!

The first draft took me two years to write and afterwards I thought, "Nah. I can do better than that!" So I am writing it all again, but this time around it will have lots more flavour! Also the game is set after and builds on from the original, so I haven't thrown anything out with the bath water.

By supporting me on Patreon you are helping me to create the game and get it published.

To get a little taste of the game, look no further than the first chapter of the book entitled 1. An Introduction to Shapers

You'll need this Shapers Character Sheet as well.

You can all of the most current rules and background information on our brand new website at https://longshadowgames.com/

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