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Naveena Kulkarni and Tylor Goadby are brought together by a twist of fate and work to solve a murder, obtain justice, and complete the duties of the Goddess of Death.

We are two good friends working together on this book series. We’re raising funds here to help us research. We hope you will consider supporting us!

If you want more information, please see below~

Detective Tylor Goadby can talk to the dead. It’s not a skill he’s glad to have, but he uses it for good, speaking to the deceased to help solve the crimes that killed them in the first place. He’s working on a murder-missing-persons case in Edinburgh in October 2015 when he comes across Naveena Kulkarni, one of the women reported missing. Though he’s surprised to see her, he shouldn’t be - while she may have died, she came back as the Goddess of Death. And, she claims, he’s her husband. Reincarnation cycles cause a nasty case of amnesia.

In an effort to catch the killer on the loose, Tylor agrees to spend Allhallowtide with Naveena while she works. Naveena, in an effort to keep her husband close, agrees to take him to her crime scene, a place she hasn’t visited since the day she died. Before he realizes it, Tylor finds himself entangled in the lives of Naveena and Keita Kenshin, the Head of the Psychopomps, in ways he never expected. Meanwhile, Naveena is forced to confront not only the trauma of her death, but the hole in her heart from the loss of so many she loves.

The longer the pair spend together, the more mysteries pile up. Why hasn’t the Goddess been awake in nearly 40 years? Why has her husband been asleep every time she’s been awake in the past century? Is Fate being cruel, or are there other forces at play? Naveena and Tylor need to find out before it’s too late.

Read the Prologue and a Chapter 1 Teaser to get started! Our Table of Contents will also show you what we have to offer~

Here are the latest story stats to see how far we are. Note we're 18+ primarily cuz murder, but don't worry, we'll provide content warnings in every post that needs them. If you need us to provide warnings for anything specific, please let us know! Also note Long Way Down is a placeholder title.

There are two writers on this project - Sophie Bonifaz Pérez and Rose Usenica. Here’s a little something about us both!

Sophie - Also known as Phi. I’m Mexican-American with an academic background in anthropology and linguistics. I am very cognizant of the fact that history is full of appropriation, and as such, have a deep sense of responsibility to this story and to the research involved.

I primarily write as Naveena Kulkarni and all of her past lives.

Rose - Also called Moma. I’m Canadian with an academic background in theatre and history. Places, people, and the holistic nature of human experience fascinates me, and I hope by talking about it we can open up some eyes to new things through Tylor and Naveena’s journey.

I write as Tylor Goadby, all his past lives, and Keita Kenshin.

Religions across the world differ in many ways. However, if you look at enough of them you’ll start to notice unexpected patterns crossing the globe, with cultures thousands of miles apart telling similar stories. We are looking at these similarities with an idea in mind: what if everyone’s right, in a way? What if, for instance, the God of Death is the same deity everywhere he goes, only with many names and many faces, all suited to the culture he’s facing?

We are not trying to make any broad claims on religious philosophy or the nature of death. We’re not preaching to anyone, nor is it our intent to uphold or discredit any religion. These are systems of belief that dictate people’s lives, and we want to treat them with respect. We want to study and highlight the similarities and differences across cultures, and demonstrate that at heart, we’re not so drastically different after all, and all our beliefs are beautiful. In an effort to do this, we are embarking on as much research as we can, reading books and journals, interviewing people, and communicating with scholars. We are also open and happy for help from you guys, as all of you know stuff neither of us know, and we want to speak to as many truths as possible.

We are happy to put our money towards our research. That said, with a little extra help, we’re able to achieve even more. Patreon money goes towards, among other things:

  • Purchasing books, academic and otherwise
  • Compensating the people we interview for their time
  • Paying artists for work we use
  • Traveling to the places and festivals we feature
  • Data storage
  • Increasing our presence online

The more funds we have, the easier it is to move forward with our research. Your help makes it happen!

Writing! So much writing! We have written lots and with your help we can spend more time on this and write so much more.

Sign up, and you get:

  • Draft 2+ of every chapter!
  • Glimpses into our Draft 1!
  • Nearly 400 songs on over 20 playlists!
  • 30+ research ranging from the Troubles in Northern Ireland to cholera epidemics in pre-Revolutionary Russia to the Parroquia in San Miguel de Allende’s history and architecture and more!
  • Research playlists - don’t just read, watch!
  • Backstory and side stories that won’t be published in the final draft!
  • Insight into world-building and draft changes, and the chance to comment every step of the way!
  • Online tea parties with us where we can all have a lovely chat!
  • Cool postcards from featured locations!
  • Maybe even your name in the book!!

Check out our Table of Contents for everything you could unlock as a patron!

Also note that every Patron that pledges at least $240 over any period of time will get every book we publish in this series for free! This matches the $20 tier requirement of 12 months of patronage to receive the same reward. We expect this story to last at least 3 books, and you'll get every copy signed by both of us with a personal message just for you.

If you're not sure about pledging yet but are still interested, stick around! We post free memes every month (though patrons get early access), share public journal entries, and have lots of free goodies on our Instagram!

We've got a long journey ahead of us, but we're really excited about it. We hope you'll join us for the ride!
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