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The world of transport is both fascinating and complex. We think this means it deserves to be written about in detail - and have been doing that for over nine years now.

Maybe you know us from our look at how Uber works in London, maybe it's from our piece on the Victoria line's quest to be the fastest railway on the world. Maybe you've just read what we've written about world-changing train crashes or the history of Zeppelins in British service. Whatever it is that you read, we hoped you liked it as much as we enjoyed writing it.

But here's a sneaky truth: London Reconnections doesn't make money. We all have proper jobs as well. Which is fine - because  making money is not our goal - writing good, longform journalism is. With the help of subscriptions to our semi-regular magazine, and the occasional understanding sponsor, we come close to breaking even and that's great! We're generally happy with that.

There's always more we'd like to do though and more stories we'd like to tell - many of which would require research trips or the purchase of books, photos and other media that we can't really afford from our own pockets.

We've been told a few times now that we should provide a way for people to consciously support "Special Projects" as well as regular running costs -  that is, a way to help us create specific articles that they would like, or that we would like but know we'd need money to do.

So that's what this page is for. Whether it's because you don't want to pick up a subscription but still want to show your support for our weekly writing, or because you like the idea of being involved in helping to create new, interesting pieces, we're grateful for your support.

And who knows, maybe one day Mike, Nicole, Pedantic and I will get to do that trans-Siberian railway trip we've always wanted to do...

Love and best wishes,

The gang at LR Towers
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This would make Nicole very happy, and us too.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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