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BRONZE TIER - Every little bit helps! Give a dollar or as much as you'd like beyond that. Any help is appreciated. I'll announce your support on a weekly wrapup video and then have you listed in the rolling "end credits" for as long as you're a donor. The credits page changes at the beginning of each month.

Patreon patrons also get "first dibs" on buying some of the devices I get in for review before they go on the store. Usually  just a few bucks for shipping prep.
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SILVER TIER - The $5 award is the same as as the $1 tier however you'll be listed on a static slide at the end of each video. I am open to suggestions from my $5 and up Patrons on what kind of exclusive perks you'd like!
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About Lon Seidman

Media makers in the 21st century don't have the luxury of relying on a single funding source.  A bulk of my revenue currently comes from YouTube through the Google Adsense program. It's great and growing. But I don't want to always rely on having all of my eggs in that basket!

That's why I have the Lon.TV Store to help recoup some item acquisition expenses, and why I put affiliate links in the description of most of the products I review.  

I am now launching this Patreon - partly because all of the cool kids are doing it - but also because I've received some notes from viewers who want to support the channel monetarily. Patreon (at the moment any way) feels like the most friction-free way to do just that.  

I don't like asking for money so I won't be turning the YouTube channel into a telethon anytime soon, but if you feel like you're getting some value out of the content every little bit will help the channel grow.

I also don't want to do backer-only specials as I feel this excludes people who are not able to contribute. So I think I might do more of the things the Patreon backers would like to see but make those videos accessible to everyone.
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We'll be able to afford some part time producing help to prep products for review on the channel. This person or people will also work on booking more interviews!
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