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  • thanks a bunch. thats a jack socket and a potentiometer that i didnt have to build stuff before!
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  • Thanks a bunch! thats 10 jack sockets and 10 potentiometers i didn't have before!
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Welcome to my patreon.

If you don’t know, i make music,odd machines and try to educate……… TRY….

I’ve been on patreon for a little over a year now. Since i started a lot has changed. And patreon is definitely a contributing factor to that.

The amazing supporters on my Patreon have helped me fund and justify quite a few big projects that i don’t think would have been possible without them.

Over the past year i have put pretty much all of the Patreon support back into projects I hope that shows.. and As The support has slowly grown these projects have got more outlandish, more frequent and i hope also more educational.

Right now i am working on my largest project to date, involving a large amount of gameboys to make an extremely large gameboy Polysynth, i’ve been gathering materials for it for the last couple of months, which if it wasn’t for Patreon i quite simply would not be able to fund, let alone justify spending so much time on such a monolithic beast of wires and retro technology

Recently i’ve got my mate johnny to give us a bit of a hand with filming and putting together footage which is beginning to help with video quality as well as the frequency of videos.

Over the past year i have been increasing what i am offering back on Patreon. From Live MEGAMIX downloads, to builders livestreams i'm trying to keep on improving what i'm giving back.

Who knows where it may end up. I’ve already completed some machines and projects i never would have thought were attainable. And i will proceed to try and push my personal envelope in the realms of wacky electronic machine. The sky is the limit!!! also an end goal is a place called "museum of everything else" where anyone can come and enjoy these machines.

so thanks a lot for listening.

Wether you become a Patreon or not! i hope you enjoy the videos, as there are plenty more to come!!!

76% complete
THIS IS THE TIME THAT MUSEUM OF EVERYTHING ELSE WILL OPEN. yeah a museum, I'm not joking! in all honest Im looking into it now but this would make the funding nice and predictable
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