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A Cross-Platform Visual Simulation Engine

Using a modern graphics API with Cross-Platform libraries we have created exactly what the title describes!

Select and install any of our visual simulations, set up a custom web layer with HTML, iFrames or your own Custom Widgets, then either run the app fullscreen as a standard application, or use it as a Screensaver!

Our plans for visual simulations include a nature scene with Grass Moving in the Wind, a Fireplace filling you with Warm Feelings and many more…

Visualize Your Data with Web Components!

Dashboard with twitter feed and live site visitor statistics.
The system will include web widgets with functionality such as Live Twitter Feeds and real-time Graphs with both Google Sheets and Custom data sources.

Configure your dashboard by selecting a Simulation, add interesting widgets or roll your own. The last configuration is always saved for the next launch.

You can start the app manually as a standard application, or you can use it as a screensaver!

To create your own Web Component, choose a Presentation Style and Create or select an existing data source. Then set the size and placement on the screen.

Selecting grid cells to define the widget size.
Presentation styles are a variety of static or animated graphs as well as iframe or a custom box of rendered HTML5. You can add anything you want, even Youtube videos! Only your imagination is the limit!

Example of a baby cam with related widgets.

We are Multiplatform!

LoopAware aim to support multiple platforms, mainly Debian Linux and Windows, but there are future plans of in-browser support!

We Stream Development!

Every week we stream development sessions of LoopAware activity on twitch. We interact with the community and give you insight into what goes on during the development. You can come join us this week, we’ve already started!

Youtube is a good channel for help videos, demos and the occasional developer vlog. Come take a look, there might be something new!

We Are Active in Social Media!

Every day of the week we try our best to stay active in the Discord chat and sending out information on Twitter. If you want to see what happens as it happens, come join us on Discord and chat or just follow along.

The twitter account is used to spread the word as well as discuss topics related to our activities on LoopAware.

As a complement to our presence on Twitter, we also have a Facebook page. It is not as frequently updated at the moment. But as the activity ramps up, we will post weekly updates on the facebook page, such as links to and content from our latest newsletters.

We even have a weekly newsletter!

For everyone who’s prefer the good ol’ email every week to stay on top of our activities, we have set up a newsletter system using the Open Source software, Mailtrain.

Every week we will send out an informal digital letter to all our subscribers. Informal means that we use people friendly lingo.

The letter will summarize the past week, progress and maybe some notes and mentions of upcoming changes.

Our Development Process

Using modern tech on modern hardware, much of the software is Libre and/or Open Source.

The development systems are Linux-based, with cross-compiling for Windows using MinGW-w64 as the Windows compiler. Using Windows 10 on metal for manual testing and virtualized Windows 10 as well as Debian Linux for automated testing. MinGW-w64 and MSYS2 was chosen instead of the other popular Cygwin-toolchain for their goal of “being as native as possible” to get the most performance as possible from a Windows environment.

I’m a full-stack developer using a tried and true stack of tech ranging from modern C++ and Python 3 to HTML5 and JavaScript ES6. With testing and deployment in installers, virtual machines and containers.

All the graphical art assets are created using Blender, Gimp and Krita, as well as some scripts running through tools like ImageMagick. Our music and sound effects are created and/or edited using Audacity, LMMS (Linux MultiMedia Studio) as well as scripts through FFmpeg.

The project is being developed following the SCRUM paradigm, keeping a reactive and iterative approach to deliveries. It means that there are multiple small development cycles with deliverables and iterate on them, getting closer to the goal. This means that the beta testers will have something juicy each month and there will be reports in the form of developer logs for you to read for every deliverable.

The main way of communicating with the community of backers is through Discord chat, come join us at https://discord.gg/YURbUnE. I will post weekly updates on kickstarter and on the website, https://loopaware.com.

Risks and Challenges

You can expect weekly updates on the Discord, Facebook and here on kickstarter. If features are delayed, in need of testing or any changes are made, you will know.

We make it a goal to be as transparent as possible during the development process. The LoopAware team has experience in all areas of game development and project management, which is sure to come in handy.
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I will add a settings page to the graphical interface, no longer requiring manual edits to a config file.
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