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About LootPots

We’re LootPots, and in late 2018 our international team of Nintendo fans joined forces to bring you high-quality content all about our favourite game publisher. After nearly a year, we've written about countless games, started a podcast, launched Twitch and YouTube channels, and even teamed up to do some fantastic giveaways! We’ve been so thankful for all the support we’ve seen so far, but we want to do MORE for you. That’s why we’re here to ask for your help.

Websites cost money to run, content takes time to create, and we can’t sustain our writers on noodles forever. With your pledge, we can run and grow LootPots while keeping our site 100% free from pesky banner ads. Your privacy is important to us and it’s our goal to keep invasive ads as far away from the site as possible.

In addition to keeping the server running, maintaining privacy, and paying our creators for their hard work, your support will enable us to dedicate more time to improving LootPots. This means covering more news, launching new podcasts, creating regular Twitch/YouTube content, and getting proper gear/software to up the quality of our existing shows.

As a LootPots patron, you'll enjoy a whole heap of exclusive perks, ranging from Pixelpar's terrible doodles to our Patreon exclusive "After-dark" podcast. You could even get access to our super-secret Discord channel, have your name included on one of our videos, or choose the main topic for one of the podcasts!

We're passionate about what we do and with your help we know it can only get bigger and better.
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