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Dozen Listener Army - Couch Cushion Hero (CCH Squad)

$1 /mo
Dig in the couch and throw me your change! A really cool way to reach out and support the show on the cheap as well as a way to get some recognition. I will shoutout to you and plug your social med...

Dozen Listener Army - Sticky Recruit

$5 /mo
We've all gotten a little sticky, at times. You'll get the shoutout/plug and you'll also receive a Lopez Radio sticker along with any new stickers that get released in the future!

**You will hav...


Dozen Listener Army - "Third-Class"

$10 /mo
You will receive the shoutout and the sticker as well as a small item from the Lopez Radio studios (hand picked by us, not you) with a story about said item. 

**You will have access to bonus epi...