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Formerly "Gfycat Loops", and before that, "Awesome Patron". ... Yeah, I know.

Gfycat is too much a pain in the ass for me to deal with. I technically stopped doing this months ago. Just formalizing it now.

Great tier for those who appreciate my work and want to support me, but don't want to or are unable to afford anything more.

Trust me, every dollar matters, and I love you all regardless of the amount you pledge. The thought is what matters to me.

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High-quality watermarked versions of animation loops, 2160p photosets, and video/film screenplays - all as they're made, with no regularity to them.

A dump of all of the practice work I've done since the last one, dropped every Tuesday and Friday. Mostly just screenshots of SFM, occasionally screen recordings. None of it finished, all of it with my thoughts behind them elaborated on in the post.

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When working on a short: weekly posts detailing how the short is going, what all has been done since the last report, and what my goals for the next week are. Behind-the-scene pictures, sometimes animations, occasionally voiced clips.

The absolute best tier in terms of quantity and quality, in my opinion.

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About Lord Aardvark

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LordAardvark.com (use the "..." on the right-hand side to find the Films and Assets pages! Want to redesign the page so this is more obvious... 2020 goals...)


My name is LordAardvark. I have been making erotic animations in Source Filmmaker for over six years now. My art has evolved and grown a lot over the years, and these days, I am focusing on making animated series, shorts, and films: complete with original voice acting, full-fledged plots, and comprehensive scripts.

While porn is a definite staple of my productions, it is not all there is. My series, shorts, and films are written with comprehensive plots and sub-plots, engaging stories, and a healthy dose of character drama sprinkled with comedic relief. I am a writer first, but I know what my audience wants: gratuitous debauchery clearly defined by voluminous quantities of filthy, sweaty, nasty sex. I deliver exactly that, written in a way that, while it might bend suspension of disbelief, is at least coherent and fits in with the story written around it.

If you are looking for 3d porn that is made with a passion for writing, intense attention to detail, and an insatiable lust for fast and intense fucking, then you've come to the right place:

Welcome to the Aardvark's Den.

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This value is calculated from my average operating expenses (plus 12.5%), a compromised payment of $1500/mo for a full-time co-animator, and saving a third of my ideal savings stake a month, taking into account that 35% tax rate.
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