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[I buy my games in bundles and often have keys left over for games I already own; I'll be dropping these in as Patron Only posts on a first come, first serve basis.]

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(I am currently working on Banished: Brave New World for MC 1.12.2 so this is what is currently on the development server.)

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(I honestly have nothing special to offer, it's here for those who wish to support.)

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About Lord Dan

Hello everyone. I'm Lord Dan and I spend most of my free time building complicated, themed Minecraft mod-packs that don't consist of chucking the latest tech mods into a folder. Instead they are carefully crafted to a specific theme/era and then months are spent integrating cross-mod recipes, balancing, tweaking and sometimes some minor modding to create the perfect pack. The Majority of my mod-packs take at least 3 months of development time. I am also a YouTube video creator and enjoy producing Let's Builds, build tutorials and Let's Plays of the mod-packs I've created.

Projects [WIP]
Banished! Harsh Survival 2.0 (Alpha)

Released Projects
Creativerse | The mod-pack for creative individuals
Banished! Harsh Survival

Mini Projects & Resources
ZenScript Syntax Highlighter for MineTweaker & Notepad++
Better Beginnings & Survivalist Compatibility Patch
Better Beginnings & Primal Compatibility Patch
Better Beginnings & Animania Compatibility Patch
Glowing Glowshroom Terrariums

Mods [1.7.10]
The Whetstone Mod
The Mortar & Pestle Mod

$5 of $25 per month
Reaching this goal can pay for a small server that I can use to work on Multiplayer compatibility and to use for some one-on-one game time for Patrons.
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