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  • The welcome Pack containing 1 Giant Tarrasque, 1 Orc, 1 Treant, 1 Mindlfayer
  • Pre-Supported file (Lychee file + STL)
  • Access to #suggestions for release channel in our discord
  • 50% OFF of all catalogue

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Merchant tier deserve to sell our print all over the world, but never the files or links for download.
You will also get acces to all benefits of the "Elders" tier.

Of course you have to stay in this tier to keep the ability to sell our prints.
Please take the time to read the licence informations regarding this tier in the patreon's descritption.
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About Lord of the Print

JUNE RELEASE- Dragons of Chaos
(click on show more to open the tab)

(click on show more to open the tab)

  • Dragon of Chaos release available only this month for 10$ :

    - Armored Dragon
    - Cursed Dragon - Mounted and unmounted (current picture)
    - Armored Dragon VS Cursed Dragon - Special Base
    - Gnoll Lancer
    - Gnoll Runner
    - Gnoll Axes
    - Wight Necromancer
    - Wight Mace
    - Wight Sword
    - Wight VS Gnoll
  • The welcome pack including : 
    • 1 Giant Tarrasque
    • 1 Orc
    • 1 Treant
    • 1 Mindlfayer

  • Pre-Supported files 
    Every month, before the 15 of the month we will provide the pre-supported STL and Lychee file.
    We will provide the best version according to us and the size of the mini.
Florent and Jason are the guys in charge of sculpting, they are professional sculptors working as character artists, creating characters and creatures for videogame production similar to Warhammer or Assassin's Creed ! You will find their work here, and you can find them most of the time on DISCORD :)  

We offer high quality figurines in STL file that you will be able to use for tabletop gaming, painting or collection! Each model is printable within a large range of sizes, from 28mm to a massive 60cm print!
On the first day of every month, a new catalog will be released and will replace the previous month's selection.

Every figurine will be delivered in STL format with a split version so you can have an easier print and as most as we can include modular parts.

The welcome pack is available instantly after subscribing to any tier, and will only grow over time! Every patron will be able to access it and any file newly added to it at any moment as long as they have subscribed :)

If you missed the previous releases, don't worry: everything is here ! All patreons automatically have 50% discount on all the catalogue ! CODE HERE !
Join us on Discord !! 

IMPORTANT: Rules, Terms and Conditions

All files and links we share with our Supporters are meant for you as Patron and no one else. By downloading content made by us (Stl, shared links), you accept this Agreement and agree to be bound by its provisions. If you do not accept or agree with these terms, do not download the content we provide: You may only use the content provided by us (Stl and their location Links) for personal use, and you are not allowed to distribute or sell them nor the prints.

You can cut/resize our files to fit better your printer but you can't share those derivates (as the original files). You can't edit our 3d Files (stl) or use portions of them to create new Content! Our miniatures, any other kind of 3d file we release or portions of our files can't be used in any other project, Kickstarter, Patreon, or any other crowdfunding platform or sold in a "box". You can't make molds of our models, any kind of mass production is prohibited.

You can, of course, take photos, make live streams and video with our models (ideally to Paint sessions or Showing 3d printer results) as long as you state that the models had been made by us. In this case, promoting our Patreon page and MyMiniFactory Store would be greatly appreciated!

All copyrights belong to Lord of the Print, NO rights are assigned or transferred to the end-user. Our designs are protected by intellectual property laws.

All of the previous points apply for the Merchant Tier as well, with the exception that they have the ability to Sell Prints of our models (not files!) as long as they remain in that Tier. Even in this case, that rule still applies: you can't use our files and figures for Kickstarter, Patreon, any other crowdfunging project or make casts/molds, selling them in boardgame boxes or similiar.

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