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About Lorelumin

Hi, I am Harrison Connally, I run Lorelumin and I want to thank you for checking out the Lorelumin Patreon Page.

In case you don’t know, Patreon is a membership platform that allows subscribers to support their favorite creators with monthly support in the form of dollars. In exchange, subscribers get rewards and exclusive access to their favorite creators' work.

By supporting us you allow Lorelumin to have a monthly budget for buying initial product inventory. The support also helps us explore bigger experimental product ideas, and lets us know that you support our desire to bring you the beauty of mysticism through the Lorelumin aesthetic.

In return for your monthly support, you will receive behind the scenes content, name recognition on Lorelumin.com, a membership card, and store discounts.

Join us and discover exactly what happens behind our curtains.
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