Loriesque Studio is creating Clay Animation

Holla$ It's just a Dolla!

$1 /creation
Yay! For just ONE Dollar per creation, you are officially my Patron and will receive access to my patron-only feed where you can see behind-the-scenes development, say HELLO or com...

Early Access

$3 /creation
See my latest work before anyone else! Be in the KNOW, NOW. Behind the scenes photos. Also, send me ideas and feedback!
  • Early access to my latest video
  • Sneak peek of upcoming work...

For the Price of a Coffee

$5 /creation
This is a great tier if you like MAIL REWARDS like collecting original coasters I make for each video, as well as knowing that you're my best supporter ever. *Wink Wink*.

Want YOUR Name In The Credits?

$10 /creation
As a $10 patron, you'll be recognized for making my work possible and get your name in my next video's credits! You'll ALSO get an original art print postcard (I draw it) in the mail that goes alon...

Merch Mania!

$25 /creation
This is where I send you the BIG stuff. What kinda stuff you say??? Per video- I'll send you some swag relating to the characters. Think: art toy sculptures. Yesss, you totally want in on this one....