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About Loris Owen

As a storyteller, I spend my time dreaming up new adventures for you to enjoy, and also invest a great deal of creative mana in creating the riddles that are woven into the fabric of each tale. Alongside this, I work with individual illustrators to integrate bonus puzzles into each book in the Quicksmiths series.

The creation of each book is an intense, sometimes arduous, but always incredibly rewarding project. The Ten Riddles of Eartha Quicksmith took me around 2-and-a-half years to write, often at anti-social times of the week, and in neglect of my friends and family. Once a publisher was found, the turnaround time was surprisingly fast: 8 months of editing, 3 months of design and 2 months of marketing preparation. Due to the time-intensive nature of a series, the first draft for Book 2 has been written in just seven months, and yes there was much perspiration.

It's an oft-quoted statistic that the average author earns £12,500 a year. The Guardian estimates that around 7% of children's book authors in the UK took home a huge nothing in 2005 and 17% took home under £5,000. Only the heavy hitters in the top 17% earned more than £30,000. Many authors have to work a full-time job to support their creative endeavours.

For those of us starting out (especially authors with smaller indie publishers who are wonderful to work with but who can't afford big payouts) surviving off a book advance is impossible. These payments are usually spread over one or two years and amount to a few hundred pounds at a time. Even if our books go on to be successful, we don't get royalties that could be deemed a meaningful income for years. And so many of us find ourselves in a Catch-22 - we can't afford to live off our writing, but we can't manage full-time jobs and produce good quality creative work either.

This is where patrons come in. Your support enables me to keep creating new stories to delight and entertain, and to keep our children reading for pleasure and thinking sideways.

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