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$1 /mo
  • Access to patron-only content (additionnal WIP pics)
  • Sneak peek photos of upcoming costumes
  • Messages for when I'm streaming cosbuilds
  • #SundayBumday guaranteed po...

Progress Patrons

$5 /mo
  • Access to my SnapChat! (No lewds or Noods, just a guaranteed daily snap, and 3x a week WIP images!)
  • Plus all previous rewards!

Card Collector

$10 /mo
  • You get 1-3 exclusive cos-cards sent to you each month (the only other way to get these is to see me at events, so when there aren't events, you are the only one to get them)
  • A lo...

Boudoir Bestie

$30 /mo
  • Access to boudoir shots - 1 a month, guaranteed, sometimes more!
  • You will receive bonus prints and cards for the holidays throughout the year
  • Choose 2 8x12 exclusive prin...

Bum Buddy

$100 /mo

  • A 12x18 poster every month, different than the 8x10 prints
  • A 4x6 print of each #SundayBumday of the month
  • A small monthly video of that costume, with a fansign, sayi...