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Character Creation

$1 /mo
Welcome to Character Creation.

Thanks for the Support <3

I really appreciate it!

Tutorial Complete

$5 /mo
First ten people to complete the tutorial will be receiving a personalized letter in the mail!

Level Up

$10 /mo
Congratulations on leveling up.

You are now able to vote on my future cosplays and have gained special access to my patron exclusive:

- Blog

- BTS Photos and Videos

- Giveaways

Boss Fight

$20 /mo
WOWZERS :O You made it all the way to the boss fight. After beating the boss you will gain some new perks to go along with all your previous ones:

- Your name in the description of all my videos...


Stage Cleared

$30 /mo
Well you've beaten the boss and made it to end of the game. You truly are a trooper. <3 Here's some bonus loot to go along with all the previous loot:

- A Signed Polaroid and a Mini Thank You...


Achievement Unlocked: Super Patron

$45 /mo
You beat the game on the hardest difficulty with no deaths and achieved a new high score. Would you like to start a New Game+ campaign? If you do, you get to keep all your previous loot plus some s...