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A Stitch In Time
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Thank you for supporting our community! Every dollar counts and will go towards making Lost Colonies the best it can be.  At this level you will get behind the scenes looks at some of the costumes and props that your donations help fund.  We will be careful to avoid spoilers though. You will also get to vote in polls for which new section of World Lore we will develop and release next!
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Community Builder
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At this level you will also receive your name listed on our special thank you page on our website in addition to the behind the scenes looks at the costumes and props your donations help fund.  Still with no spoilers though.
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Staring Guild
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You've got your eye on us... nothing gets past you.  The Staring Guild reward tier is for those super fans who want to pitch in and do so in unusual ways.  You'll get all of the rewards from the Stitch in Time and Community Builder levels.  Plus you get to say that you are an official member of the Staring Guild, an inside joke founded on the principles of misspellings and keen eyesight.

After you have been a member at the Staring Guild level for 2 months we will send you a discount code for 20% off admission to use when purchasing tickets to our events.  We will continue to send you new discount codes for each event we hold for as long as you remain a Staring Guild member.  Note -- Discount codes will start being issued for events in 2019
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Thank you for joining us as we present the Lost Colonies Larp, a Live Action Role Playing community for the Virginia, DC, and Maryland areas of the USA.  Our focus is on creating an Exploration and Discovery larp in a world influenced by elements of Fantasy and inspired by the technology and style of early Colonial America all with our own twists.  With your help we can ensure that we provide a rich larp experience at each of our events. We hope that you check out our webpage at LostColoniesLarp.com and our Facebook Group for more details.  We also hope that you can join us at our events! 

The funds donated through Patreon will be used to invest in better scenery, props and costumes so that we can present a more immersive world. This will allow us to grow our community as a whole so that we can all have great larp experiences together.  

© 2016-2019 Torakand Adventures, LLC
LOST COLONIES and the LOST COLONIES Logos are Trademarks of Torakand Adventures, LLC

Character art was done by Cait May at caitmayart.com
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Once we get to 20 supporters we will increase the build cap per event for all players from 5 to 6.
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