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So every year we record 1 non-Criterion episode to celebrate the end of the year. It's a time for friends to gather and give the Lost in Criterion treatment to something the Collection isn't interested in. It's usually chaotic, it's always fun.
We're going to do it every month now.
At just $1 per month you not only get access to that bonus non-Criterion film, you also get to help decide what film it will be! Want to make us watch your favorite film? Want to make us watch your least favorite film? Want to make us watch Kazaam (1996) over and over and over? Donate and vote!
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For a little extra, just $5, you get access and voting rights to the monthly bonus episode, plus once a month we'll verbally thank you in a regular Lost in Criterion episode. Everyone will know you support Lost in Criterion!
(Because of our recording schedule it may take up to 6-10 episodes from when you sign up before your name is said on air.)
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Bonus content access! Voting rights! Hear your name on the show!
A monthly postcard designed by Pat based on one of the Lost in Criterion films for the month with a little note from Adam. Help support Lost in Criterion AND the USPS!




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Long-time friends John Patrick Owatari-Dorgan and The Adam Glass of With Two Brains have submitted themselves to Sisyphean task of watching every single film in the ever expanding Criterion Collection and maybe learning a thing or two about film in the process. Lost in Criterion is just two non-cinephiles diving into the world of important films, and learning that sometimes a movie is important because Hitchcock made it before he came to America, or because it was one of the first films out of Czechoslovakia after the Soviets relaxed, or because it's Armageddon?
Your support will keep us at it for the long haul -- over 200 films down so far, only like 800 to go! until they add more which is once a month -- as well as allow us to pay for more sophisticated hosting that will keep the entire archives more easily accessible. We really don't even need that much money! If everyone who regularly listens donated just $1 a year we'd have far more than we'd need!
Any money received beyond those base costs will go toward making Lost in Criterion better and facilitating other With Two Brains projects. Want to hear a radio-play adaptation of the frankly terrible comedy screenplay Adam found in a hotel in 2009? Want to see more Time Warp Pizza Party, our project where we share art, music, and writing from their creators' less-talented pasts? Support us and it could happen!
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SquareSpace is a great service! But as out project expands its limitations become more visible.
For instance, SquareSpace will only feed the 99 most recent episodes to iTunes, which means that users searching iTunes for a film from an older episode, say, Pasolini's Salo, aren't going to find our episode where Adam talks about how the film almost made him vomit four times. Obviously a tragedy, but also bad news if the film that would have been a new fans entry isn't easily accessible.
A bit more than currently double our budget would allow us to move the archive to LibSyn or Blubrry which should allow every episode to be available on iTunes, as well as provide better analytics to help us serve you. All that and we're still not paying ourselves anything for the hours of work put into each episode.
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