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In 2015 Father woke me up and I started to do His will each day, rather than my own. I've been on a journey of healing, and intense biblical studies. I went through a deliverance from demons, and believe the best way to be free is to become one with God (by tuning into His love frequency), and resisting the devil (and negative frequencies). From my biblical studies I see now the New Age beliefs, in general, line up with what the bible truly says, such as the Law of Attraction. Mainstream Christians would call me a New Ager and New Agers might call me Christian (as I still say we have to rid ourselves of sin). Either way, I only want to help guide people to heal themselves through the power of YHWH's Holy Spirit.

I run Leaves Of the Tree Healing at http://lothealing.com and the Phone Consultation service Truther Talk at http://simplytruthertalk.com/ and I have a YouTube channel also.

So you can get a very good idea of my beliefs there. I'm still studying. I think we all be learning until the day we die, if we're going to die. But I'm hoping we're starting the millenium period where there will be no more death soon...

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