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Welcome to my Patreon and my passion!

Photography captures everything from fleeting moments of everyday life to epic landscapes of far-off lands. It inspires wonder, and it serves as a miraculous therapy. It has been my passion for as long as I can remember, and I'm excited to bring it to you!

Who am I?

My name is Brianna Shade, and I'm happy to have you here!

It all started when I was quite young.  My father taught me the basics of composition, lighting, and subject matter, and I've had a camera with me ever since.  I was a photographer for my high school's yearbook and my college newspaper, and I have been the Multimedia Manager and eccentric photographer for our local annual anime convention for several years.

Now, I am an avid landscape, candid, event, and travel photographer, and it is my dream to support myself entirely through my art.  I thrive on exciting excursions both near and far, and you can trust I'll always have a camera in-hand!  I welcome you to join in my adventures and in bringing them back to others.  I aspire to travel full-time and give back to communities around the world, all the while sharing the beauty of this magnificent Earth with those who can't be there in person.  This is that first step.

What do I do?

I photograph, duh!

Nah, that's not all I do.  Photography is what drives me, but the reward comes from all the many things I do with it.

And I document it all through pictures and photostories.

You can read more of my adventures on my blog, and you can see some of my photo galleries here.

That's great and all, but what do YOU get out of it?

First and foremost, you get the stories of my experiences!  I write weekly, bringing to you tales from foreign countries, national parks, local hikes, and regional explorations.  Your contributions keep the photostories coming!

Secondly, you get photos!  Not just on my website, as a patron, you get photos for your phones, desktops, and walls.  You can subscribe to digital galleries with downloadable images for your phone, augmented every month, while unlocking exclusive discounts to digital and physical, high-quality prints.  Even participate in raffles for free physical prints!

Lastly, you get exclusive access to actually shape what I do.  See posts before they're made public on my blog, weigh in on new experimental work I'm considering, and vote on which photos I include in annual calendars.  On top of that, be recognized as a VIP supporter (with a link to your site) on the front page of my website! 

How does it all work?

Simple!  Patrons support artists (like me) on a monthly basis because they love their art and want to see it keep coming.  The tier you choose provides you with the rewards of that tier, in addition to the rewards at all tiers below it.  If you find a tier isn't working for you, you can change or cancel at any time.

Don't see a tier you wish I had?  Just let me know, and we can work something out!

If you still have questions, send them my way, and I'm happy to answer them!

Where does the money go?

Great question!

Your contributions provide:
  • Artwork to the world through my website and blog - and to you here through Patreon!
  • Equipment upkeep and insurance
  • Business operation cost coverage (website, promotion, etc.)
  • Travel to remote locations, forming the core of my content
  • Support to other artists - 15% is passed on other Patreon contributors to keep art of all kinds alive and thriving

With your patronage, I will be able to explore more in my art and bring to you exciting products like unique digital prints, experimental artwork, and photostory books!  Check out my goals to see what YOU are helping to create!

I want to hear from you

I want to provide the best to my patrons.  If you wish a tier had something different, or if there's an offering you don't see, shoot me an email, and I'll happily take suggestions.

Thank you for enjoying my work with me; I couldn't do it without you!
0 of 15 patrons
Upon reaching my first goal of 15 patrons, I will be able to experiment with some infrared photography and some unique editing techniques... hint: it involves cats!

For contributing to my reaching this goal, I will raffle off a signed 16"x20" high-resolution print to existing patrons.  You make my art possible!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 17 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 17 exclusive posts
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