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Provides one hour monthly of case management, emotional and spiritual support, visitation, public speaking, or ritual planning/implementation. Donating at this tier allows me to continue to provide care to trans-explansive and queer st. Louisians in partnership with MTUG. 

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This tier pays for a  two to three meals amonth (four to five if cheap take-out). The nature of this work means that Pastor Tori eats out a lot with community members, and funding at this tier provides food on the go for Pastor Tori and other community members. 

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(Updated February 2020): Embedded in the heart of St. Louis City, Lot's Wife Trans and Queer Chaplaincy serves the transgender, polyamorous, kink and queer communities (all those queer/LGBT people pushed to the margins and either unservered or underserved) by providing emotional and spiritual care, connection and community. Lot's Wife is intentionally sex positive and works toward undoing shame as a core commitment. More than 90 percent of the community that Lot's Wife serves are non-religious and of that percentage, many folks experienced hatred and bigotry at the hands of conservative Christians. Lot's Wife is committed to meeting people exactly where they are at which means that while Pastor Tori is deeply steeped in both Christian and Unitarian Universalist traditions and trained in interfaith work, most of the work of this ministry is non-religious in form and content by design.

Lot's Wife is unique to the region - and to my understanding,  unique in the US - as a chaplaincy intentionally independent so as to have the freedom to meet and serve community members where they are. There are not systems in place that are trans-affirming, trauma-informed, and accessible to meet the real life survival needs of our community. Lot's Wife works with a number of community organizations when requested but primarily can be found around the city with community members and holding office hours a few afternoons a week at Shameless Grounds.

In the past few months, Lot's  Wife has been asked to pray for the board of Alderman, lead the transgender day of remberance day for the city, teach a class on crisis care for a local leather group, speak to LGBTQ undergrads and law students, and chaplain for Creating Change, the National LGBTQ taskforce conference as well as preach during the interfaith service there.Looking forward, Lot's Wife will be teaching a class on crisis care at Mr. Missouri Leather and will be presenting at or sitting on a panel for a number of conferences (to be announced). Lot's Wife is moving towards 501c3 status (goal to have paperwork submitted by midyear). Pastor Tori is working on collaboration and training possibilities with a couple of national organizations - so be on the look out for announcements and new projects soon.

I need your current and ongoing help RIGHT NOW to do this work.
Every day, I sit with community members in active crisis or needing support to stay out of active crisis (by staying sober or getting connected to mental health resources and peer supports). Every day, I save  lives by listening to people  and connecting them to resources and community. I visit our community in hospitals and companion them to medical appointments - serving as support to them and their families and also strongly advocating to medical staff proper use of pronoun, name, and (chosen) family infrastructure.I officiate weddings and name-change celebrations (even (T)ea parties when someone started testosterone), am on panels and speak for public events (including TDOR), and officiate a large number of memorials and funerals.Much of my work  Nobody else in our region is doing this work for our community - or even has the community credibility to be able to do this work if they chose. I need your ongoing support to continue to do this work full-time. 

Your support would enable me to take on some additional community-requested projects RIGHT NOW:  --Current (and non-exhaustive)  Project List --
1) End of Life/Memorial Planning for Trans-Expansive Folks (and their family groups) 
Trans-expansive people, alongside many of our cis-gender queer peers, often come from families who would not affirm their gender or gender presentation, name, partner(s), and other wishes during the dying process and in death, and being misgendered and dead-named in death is among our communities greatest fears. To address this, I have created a two-hour documentation workshop that centers the needs of the trans-expansive community which will allow our community members to fill out powers of attorney, memorial plans and living wills. As of February 2020, I am now a credentialed notary and anticipate many of these sessions in the next few months.
2) #OnceStraight: Anti-Conversion Therapy Resource and Storytelling Guide (A response to the current toxic #oncegay movement) 
Directly combating the messaging coming out of this Bethel associated group, this project aims to provide a series of downloadable one-pagers countering anti-lgbtq messaging point by point with argumentation and evidence (presented succinctly, and where possible,  with some light-heartedness). Each one pager is expected to be a full days work. This project also includes interviewing and documenting the stories of local queer and trans-expansive people who were raised in anti-lgbtq religious families and who now live openly as queer (and many poly/kinky) about their strategies for escaping the hateful ideologies of their raising, and what resiliency looks like to them now (whether or not they have kept any kind of religious faith). These interviews plus documentation and packaging are expected to also be a full day's work each, but are vital as records of our community figuring out ways to survive and as written possibility models for others contemplating the same or similar journey of leaving. This project by-line will be shared with (trans-expansive, seminary educated) writing partner Brent Stanfield (who is out of Tulsa, Oklahoma). I need your help to fund these days of writing and research. 
3) Lot's Wife Community Chaplain Board: Training Up Trans-Expansive People in Ministry 
This project addresses two issues. One is that I am often found saying that my workload is intense and that the city could use about 25 of me, but that right now, Lot's Wife is mostly just me (Pastor Tori) and that when there are many urgent needs happening simultaneously (a crisis event plus two people in the hospital, as a real example recently), some needs have to go unmet because there are no other people to help. Having a board of other vested, trained, supervised, trusted-by-our-community trans-expansive chaplains means that Lot's Wife could offer far more expansive support to far more community members and leaders, and can be more than one place at a time. Two, trans-expansive people have often been  foisted now only from families and churches, but denied access to leadership opportunities within existing organizations. Multiple potential community chaplains have been removed from formal theological educational instituions and leadership structures when they were outed as queer or trans. This opportunity, while not a substitute for more formal processes, would harness the existing ministerial gifts among our community and train our community members to chaplains to their peers and in the larger community, giving them mentorship and training otherwise currently unobtainable to them. There are people lined up  to do this work - I need your financial help now to get this group in motion - funds to go toward the expense of gatherings, transportation, training materials, and mentorship hours alongside of time set to create the infrastructure needed as parameters and expectation setting. 

~~About Me~~~
Pastor Tori Jameson (they/them)  is a radical trans(nonbinary) queer/lesbian, sex (body+kink) positive, process-liberation practical theologian and community organizer/chaplain. They have a master of divinity (MDiv) from Andover Newton Theological School (Boston, MA) where they studied interfaith community ministry, and served in a variety of progressive Christian and Unitarian-Universalist settings. They spent much of their undergraduate years in a fundamentalist Christian cult (ask them about it and about leaving!) and have a bachelors degree in technology education (after spending their final semester teaching woodshop to middle school students).  Pastor Tori is not a native St. Louisian but does love provel cheese and the monkey house at the zoo. They are a proud cat parent to two chonky rescue tabby cats. If they are not running around the city with a community member,  Tori can often be found playing board games at the sex-positive coffeeshop (Shameless Grounds), in the streets protesting, or supporting friends and community members at drag king night at Grey Fox. 

$1,055 of $1,500 per month
When I reach 1500 a month,I will create a new line of trans-affirming buttons to be given out for free to the local community and mailed as special gifts to all patrons. 
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