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Welcome to the Lotus Sound Patreon page!

We look forward to sharing the healing and powerful tool of sound and vibration for you to incorporate into your ongoing practice or as a fantastic starting point on the journey of meditation and self-inquiry.

Please let us introduce ourselves;

My name is Justine Sanderson and I practice vibrational healing through the playing of Ancient Sacred Instruments such as the Didgeridoo, Singing Bowls and the Human Voice.  

My name is Jay-Sun Robinson and I am a multi-instrumentalist specializing in Sitar, Gongs and Meditation.

We provide Sound Baths, Private Sound Healing sessions and Meditation throughout the province and our home studio is located in Collingwood, Ontario Canada.

Through this page we are excited to offer exclusive online content such as bi-weekly Live Virtual Sound Baths, Gong Meditations, Sitar Meditations, exclusive audio releases and much, much more!

We play very much from our hearts. Our intention is to share compassion and love with everyone that is present and this guides us from the first note we play, to the silence that remains after the last note has subsided.

Not only do we hear with our ears, but also with every cell in our body. When we truly focus on listening fully, sound has a tremendously powerful effect on our consciousness. Letting the vibrations of a Sound Bath work through our bodies helps us to move energy that is no longer serving us and creates a wonderful opportunity to release and realign.

When we surrender with acceptance and a true sense of openness to the tones and the present moment, sound has a very powerful effect on our consciousness. It can transform us and it can heal. It can bring balance, relaxation and a sense of wholeness to the body. The sound of the harmonic vibrations created by the Didgeridoo, Singing Bowls, Gongs and other sacred overtone-emitting instruments help to stimulate our alpha and theta brain waves. These waves are associated with deep meditative and peaceful states that are highly conducive to healing.

We look forward to creating and sharing these positive vibrations with you all through Patreon. 

Much love and gratitude!

Justine & Jay 

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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