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What is Loud Murmurs:

Loud Murmurs is a weekly podcast dedicated to intellectual discussions of U.S. pop culture, brought to you by four bilingual and multicultural Chinese women who are unapologetically loud and have lots of opinions. Loud Murmurs discuss movies, television, Netflix shows, documentaries, and everything in between. We routinely invite scholars and film critics on our show to get a wider range of ideas. Our goal is to be the best Chinese-language pop culture podcast. This is a podcast for people who live curiously.


You can listen and subscribe to Loud Murmurs on the below platforms, or wherever you listen to podcasts. 

What we need from you:

It's been a year since we started Loud Murmurs. We've done three seasons of episodes on topics ranging from #Metoo in the movie industry, to "Crazy Rich Asians", and two annual Oscars review. We talk about movies and also use movies as a springboard to dive into discussions on philosophy, political theory, the ethics of science, and gender studies, just to name a few. Currently, we are paying out of pocket for hosting, editing and equipment, and other production related fees because we're passionate about the project. But as we start our second season, we are asking for support from our lovely audience who's been with us every step of the way. If you like our show, donate $5 or $10 to keep us going! 

《小声喧哗》诞生于2018年国际妇女节,由四位女性主持。在这一年中,我们做了25期节目,从畅聊《黑豹》的非洲未来主义,再到批判奥斯卡颁奖典礼的建制和老套,从揭开”Crazy Rich Asian”中新老移民的和中西思维的文化隔阂,再到反思冲击社会文化的#MeToo运动的文化根源,每一期节目我们都致力于解释银幕背后的文化、社会以及时事——那些画面之下的世界:弱势者小声,强者在喧哗的世界。目前为止,我们几个人承担了制作节目所需要的器材、剪辑、播客网站等种种开销。


How Patreon works:

If you decide to become a patron, you can pick from one of the three tiers. Once you've decided on an amount, you will be charged $1 or $3 or $5 per month, starting from the day you sign up. You can cancel anytime. 
如果你愿意成为我们的资助人,可以选择三个不同的档位,一个月给我们资助$1、$3或者 $5,从注册当天开始算。注册之后,你可以随时取消。

Your hosts:

Izzy Niu is a video journalist based in New York. She’s an alum of Columbia Journalism School, Caixin Media and the co-founder of Channel C, a YouTube channel promoting understanding between American and Chinese students. Inspired by amazing English-language podcasts such as “Still Processing” and “Pop Culture Happy Hour”, Isabelle asked some of her most brilliant friends to co-found “Loud Murmurs”, a Chinese-language podcast that explores how pop culture shapes and transcends borders and identities. Twitter: @Izzy_Niu

Afra Wang is a writer and podcaster. She earned her Master’s degree in International History at Columbia University and London School of Economics. Afra’s byline has appeared in New York Times Chinese Website, Initium Media, and Financial Times Chinese. Afra uses her skills in theoretical, historical, and cultural analysis and broad knowledge of the history of popular culture and social media to contribute to the podcast ‘Loud Murmurs,” which she co-founded with her friends in March 2018. Afra is a museum-goer and art-lover. Twitter: @afrazhaowang

Ina Yang works in New York City. A previous student of journalism and integrated marketing at Medill, she calls Chicago and Guangzhou home, but always shuffling between cities and traveling for good food & company. She is a food-obsessed photographer, art historian, museum dwelling science-nerd, and Oxford-comma enthusiast. She is one of the hosts of “Loud Murmurs.” Twitter: @CaptainIna0328

Diaodiao Yang is a big apple based consultant and data scientist. She graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Government and a minor in mathematics, and has contributed to Caixin Media and Initium Media. She is a data nerd, a vocal "Baizuo" on Chinese social media, and a die-hard cinephile. Twitter: @diaodiao_yang
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