Loud Poets are creating Spoken Word Videos

60 Decibels - Human Voice

$1 /creation
"Early access to videos": Not only will you be helping us to produce new work but you'll get to see it before anyone else!

  • Early access to videos

70 Decibels - Vacuum Cleaner

$3 /creation
"Thank you pack": as our way of saying thanks for supporting 5 videos we will send you out a special gift including stickers, badges and other Loud Poets goodies.


90 Decibels - Blender

$5 /creation
"Free entry to Loud Poets monthly events": while we love producing videos the best way to see LP is live. This reward means you can come to any of our monthly events absolutely free!


110 Decibels - Symphony Orchestra

$10 /creation
"Limited edition t-shirt":  you have shown us so much love by donating! After supporting 5 videos you will be able to go and show the world with your Limited Edition LP tee!   


125 Decibels - Rock concert

$20 /creation
"Access to exclusive video diary": we will post a video diary at least once every two weeks with updates on all things LP. Special events, tours and behind the scenes action, all for your eyes only...

140 Decibels - Jet Engine

$25 /creation
"Digital Copies of all new merch": for donating at this level you will receive our souls... or at least as close as we can get. We will send you digital copies of any new books or CDs we produce.