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About Louisa Firethorne

Hello friends, thank you for visiting my Patreon page! This is where you can get rewards and support me in making you all more incredible, multidimensional artwork! I'm ready to fully invest in my dreams by further distilling my pure art magic into next-level creations and offerings. That's where you come in: If you chip in a couple bucks per month, I can reach my long term art goals (which are listed over in the left column). My main reward tier is my sticker of the month club for only $7. You will receive an original and limited edition jumbo art sticker delivered monthly to your door. (reward tiers are listed over in the right column). You will only be charged when I release a paid post, which will be no more than once a month and could be once every 1.5-2 months at times. You can unsubscribe at any time, no worries!!

Subscribers get access to my Patreon exclusive feed, which will include pages from my sketch journal, postings about my creative process, previews of my 'in-process' art, as well as images from my daily life as an artist-warrior in the Pacific Northwest. I will also be offering LIVE ART video hangouts, digital downloads, tutorials, art merch, life hacks, and much more. All Patrons and followers will be automatically added to my secret Facebook Patreon group as well. Please consider supporting me in developing the truest and highest vision of my artwork that i can possibly manifest. Thank you!! P.S. If you become a patron, bookmark this page so you can check back daily for my Patreon exclusive feed, download the Patreon app for easy, on-the-go browsing and updates.

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Interdimensional Oracle [formerly called Pythia's Oracle] is a collaborative project between myself, and digital artist Theresa Collins of Seattle. Inspired by the Oracle of Delphi and the ancient sisterhood of magic known as the 7-Sisters Pleiades. The deck is under construction and the first goal is to have it printed. The deck will be 'oracle' in style, but each card will have a tarot equivalent. It can be used either as an oracle deck with our customized divining board, or for use as a tried and true tarot reading deck. Please read on to goal #2!

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