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About Louise

Over the years I've been telling the story of my life as an American woman abroad to smart, loyal, insightful readers across the Internet.

You've been so gracious to tag along as I've bumbled through Hawai‘i, Japan, Hong Kong, back to Japan again, while struggling with language, anxiety, racial identity, relationships, ghosts, cats, and ghost cats. 

While I get to write the words, very often it's your responses that really make the story blossom. We've built a community that has made me a little braver and a little wiser. I don't want that community to come to an end; I want to keep telling my stories and I want to keep hearing yours. 

I know it's not ideal friends, readers, followers, commenters, Creepy Corneristas. But if you can help support my writing in a small way, I promise I'll keep writing for you with my whole heart, and all the honesty and humor I can muster.
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Oh my Great Kitten in the Sky! I'm writing a book!

I just need a little extra push at this point to be able to finish it. 
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