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About Kyle Kranenburg

I started Louisville X-Press in 2019 as something fun to do. I love satire and am an avid follower of sites like the Onion, Clickhole, Babylon Bee, Reductress, etc. I've always wanted create a localized version of these sites and make it more relatable to a regional audience.

I've made that vision a reality, but it isn't free. While I love doing this and publishing new stories the truth is maintaining the website, promoting stories, paying for help from graphic designers costs money.

Louisville X-Press is not a business, I receive no revenue from the blog. My motivation is only to entertain and bring a laugh to your social browsing. With backing from patrons like you, I could produce more content, produce better (read: funnier) images, and spread stories to larger audiences.

But there's another way to help, and that's perspective. I'm just one guy, and only really see things through my own lens. What I want to see almost more financial backing (almost) is fresh, local ideas!

These ideas can be:
  • The beginnings of an idea
    • "It's ridiculous that people are publishing recipes that incorporate cicadas, what can we do with that?"
  • Polished headlines
    • "Getting in the Cicada Recipe bandwagon, Jack Daniels to release Cicada Flavored Whiskey"
  • Full written pieces
    • I think you get the idea 
  • If you can include a usable image, great! If not, I'll handle that on my end.

Any one who contributes, whether that be through Patreon or submitting selected content, will have their name, image, and a contributor credit to the  Louisville X-Press Contributor Page.

I hope I don't need to explain to you what a big deal that is.

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