Luis (King Lou) Fernandez is creating Lou Reads the Internet for YOU! Podcast

$1 /mo
I will smile to myself and think kindly of you. Thank you for the dollar! Every little bit helps.

$5 /mo
A tip of the cap and polite nod. Thanks for the donation. I really appreciate it.

$10 /mo
Early Show Access. You'll get a link to directly download the show several days before it's official release. Also a tip of the cap & polite nod.

$30 /mo
I will call you and personally thank you for donating to my podcast. We can do it via skype or google hangouts or in a video game. We can talk about whatever you'd like. You want to yell at me beca...

$100 /mo
You will receive a hardcover copy of my art books "Lovingly Drawn." This book features over 50 pictures of original envelope art that a sent to people who asked for magnets. Your donation goes towa...