Love Humans Online

is creating Massive Multiplayer Online Game (MMO)
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Become a Moderator in our first roll out of the game (BETA ONLY). Could lead into a career or permanent position after Beta. You will also be interviewed before going over any power abuse and auditing.

Design A Weapon, Armor, or Item.
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Follow certain guidelines TBD 




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About Love Humans Online

Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) Game.

LoveHumansOnline, is an online game where players start with nothing. Navigate throughout the world gathering resources, developing skills, creating weapons, armor, and items to share with their loving humans. At any time a human may conquer parts of the world with their teams holding down the land 24/7.

Land being defended by online players in real time and pooled resources to build protective walls and towers.

Current Major Versions

Fun hobby project to excercise real world developer operations experience for the work.

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