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So how much you enjoy being here and receiving freebie content by becoming apart of the "Feel Good" Membership. A level that grants you access to our private and all encouraging Facebook group while also giving you access to 25+ hours of archived content featuring specialty topics and guests! This tier also provides you the delivered monthly (the 1st of each month) Oraclescopes.

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Get everything from the level prior + access to my monthly video upload I call the Monthly Forecast. It's a usually 20-30min recorded video that uses Tarot to discuss areas of our life that will be affected in the monthly to come. Content covers: home, family, love (for both singles and in a relationship), finances, work and more. This is a great way to get prepared for the month ahead.



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Whether you're looking to learn, become accountable, invest in yourself or connect with others - you have found yourself in the perfect place! While this technically is the Love, Light and Legacy community page I often will refer to it as The Connection. A place where YOU connect to the content YOU need, and people too. Members can even opt to join our private Facebook group for more community and interaction - this is offered from our lowest tier through to our highest, or simply stick around here too. I recommend downloading the Patreon phone APP that way you'll be notified every time I upload! No emails. No where's this or that? Easy. Simple. And I hope fun. So go explore and check out which of the tiers is best for you, you can change or cancel anytime.
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When I reach 55 Patrons, I'll host both New and Full Moon group readings done monthly shared right here on Patreon and given at the Basic level and up for access. The estimated value of these sessions are $20 per.
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