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About LovelyLadyArtist Studio

We are a couple who on occasion work with various close friends to create illustrative and animated content.

Jaky is an animator, webcomic, and preproduction artist primarily known for I'll Try to be Good, Do Not Answer the Phone, This is My World.  He also works as a project manager for a webcomic currently in-production.  He attended Montserrat College of Art where he obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Animation and Interactive Media.  Jaky is on the Spectrum and currently identifies a genderfluid nonbinary who prefers he/him pronouns.

Kitty is a traditional artist and penciler who is currently under the tutelage of her wonderful partner in the art of digital illustration.  She primarily works with illustrations and her ambition to be a comic creator.  She attended Northern Virginia Community College where she obtained her Applied Associate's Degree in Fine Arts. Kitty is also on the Spectrum and currently identifies as a genderfluid girl who prefers she/her pronouns.

Together we hope to create and interactive culture within our fanbase and expand our horizons!!!

Bios on friends will be posted when we begin to create content with them.

Jaky and Kitty
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We start publishing the greatly anticipated Deltarune ask blog comic.
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