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is creating an all-ladies Call of Cthulhu actual-play podcast.

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About The Lovelycraftians

Welcome to the many misadventures of the Lovelycraftians: an all-femme/female-identifying group playing Call of Cthulhu. What started in 1918 Chicago has taken the Lovelycraftians all the way to the near future of 2059. The Lovelies investigate the strange and dangerous events that threaten their friends, loved ones, and the city itself. 

If your Accounting skill is particularly high, we know you'll want to see where your patronage is going:

  • Merch: We've already started kicking ideas around for merch, both big and small. We start at stickers and buttons, but who knows what we could make with your help! Shirts for cats? Towels so soft that they restore your Sanity points when you touch them? Our own brand of moonshine pickles? The possibilities could be endless with your patronage.

  • Transcripts: This has been a goal for a while now. We want to provide transcripts of the podcast for our hearing-impaired friends. As much as we want to do this ourselves, day jobs and life generally do their best to keep that option out of the cards, so we'll be paying a third-party to help us out. 

  • Live Shows: We want to see your faces and let you see our faces IRL! Especially in places like C2E2, GenCon, DralaCon, and PAX. You can help us make this dream a reality.

And that's just the start. We have a lot of hopes and dreams, and you can help make them a reality, whether that's financially or just by tuning in (and reviewing! Reviews help immensely). We love and appreciate you either way.

May the dice be with you and your Sanity loss minor,
The Lovelycraftians

89% complete
It's all about merch bay-bee. We can start looking into merch for you guys. Start small and work our way up without sacrificing quality.
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