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LOVER (click to read) is an online lifestyle and visual arts publication that offers its readers a glimpse into the work, minds, homes, studios and travels of some of India’s creative people.

LOVER is a slow magazine. That is, an issue comes to life bit-by-bit over the span of six months and we put lots of care and thought into each one. We try and feature people and projects who do the same. We aim to be biannual (that’s twice yearly).

We really love to interview people so instead of clickbait content or hurried reviews, you’ll mostly hear straight from your favourite creatives. In our first year, we interviewed everybody from Dayanita Singh to the designers at IKEA.

We’re India-specific (but shoutout to the subcontinent) interested in covering stories from all parts of the country, and also reaching out to the diaspora to showcase their work.

Read why our founder Sheena started LOVER:

“When I was growing up in New Zealand, I didn’t know people like me could be creative. I’d never heard of or saw visuals about anybody I could identify with. The types of stories I read were either Bollywood-centric, or an orientalist, cliche loving version of India's  “colour, chaos, kitsch”, or as I grew older, that of the call-centre generation (Outsourced came out just as I graduated from school).

I was delighted when I moved back to India as an adult that I couldn’t have been more wrong, and I dreamed of creating a magazine that showcased the country's modernity, its visual art and the people behind it.”

Why we need patrons?

Publications supported solely by advertising require hits, lots of hits. That means the focus is usually on quantity over quality and plenty of advertorial.

Making a magazine is fun and rewarding work but it also takes a lot of time and effort and costs money. We aim for a community-supported publication because it helps us bring you the best stories, so we can create more original content. Patreon helps us to raise money for each issue as we need it, so we can dedicate more of ourselves and the above.

Are you in print too?
No. Printing each issue is simply not sustainable for us (financially or environmentally). Print requires a lot more funding, a lot more advertising, and a lot more work (for instance, we’d need an in-house art director/graphic designer, a sales team, and better tech). However, we’d love to do a print anthology sometime and we’re working on our first book (2019).

We’d love for you to feature us. Can we send you info about our brand?
Yes but we can’t promise to read or respond. We’ve made an executive decision to reply to all our patrons though (it’s the least we can do). If you’re serious about being featured, and your brand’s goals are in line with ours, write to us about becoming a friend of LOVER.

How else can we work with you?
We also run a small visual and editorial content agency that consults, and makes content for people or brands that share our ethos. Here are some things we’ve done: made a printed 16 page zine, made a print magazine for a co working space, made travel guides for different hotels, and created tons of content for blogs, instagram and press kits. We also art direct shoots and cast interesting faces. Email [email protected] to work with us. If you want to support us, you can also help decorate our studio, stock our pantry or organise a giveaway.

When will I receive my reward?
Any physical rewards will be sent out at the end of one year.

Want to make a one off contribution instead?
If you're overseas, use paypal or buy us a coffee or contribute here if you’re in India (donate the amount of your choice and we’ll give you the rewards that match)

Thank you again for all of your support. We couldn't do what we do without you.

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