Leah Oviedo is creating healing through words and art

Heartfelt Healer

$1 /mo
As a Heartfelt Healer, you will directly support my free art and healing projects. Thank you!

Butterfly Change Leader

$3 /mo
Butterfly Change Leaders are supporting the continuation of the free e-course. 

Compassionate Crane

$12 /mo
Thank you!

Poetic Peacock

$23 /mo
Thank you!

Fine Art Lovin' Foxes

$32 /mo
Thank you.

Bookish Birds

$50 /mo
Thank you!


$75 /mo
 As a Co-Publisher, you will be featured in my upcoming book of poetry and art with the following: your business logo, a 200 word description & three social media links in my book.

- This is...