Leah Oviedo is creating Healing Through Words and Art

Heartfelt Healer

$1 /mo
Heartfelt Healers want to help, but may not have that much to give. 

As a Heartfelt Healer, you will directly support my free art and healing projects. Thank you!

Butterfly Change Leader

$3 /mo
Butterfly Change Leaders are supporting the continuation of the free e-course. 

As a Butterfly you will receive my e-books free AND you can be listed in the acknowledgement section of my upcomin...


Compassionate Crane

$12 /mo
Cranes are beautiful birds that are a symbol of serenity and independence, which is highly important when we are healing from mental illness. 

As a Compassionate Crane, you will receive a free a...


Poetic Peacock

$23 /mo
Poetic Peacocks have learned that words are as important to our hearts as beauty is to our minds. Healing requires changing our words and patterns so we can create healthy messages for ourselves an...

Fine Art Lovin' Foxes

$32 /mo
 Fine art lovin' foxes are all about what they see and feel through the creative arts. Using our creativity makes us smarter because it gives our brains a chance to work in a different way. Our bra...

Bookish Birds

$50 /mo
Bookish Birds love to read. They spend most of their free time cuddled up in their nests. 

As a Bookish Bird you will receive a signed, paperback copy of my newest book. *Books are not produced ...



$75 /mo
 As a Co-Publisher, you will be featured in my upcoming book of poetry and art with the following: your business logo, a 200 word description & three social media links in my book.

- This is...