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You like Dying of Exposure, The Roles We Play, Through the Mill, Death*Star, Cosplayers, LARPers, Streamers, or whatever else about us and are excited to listen to us play D&D together. This is a way to show that. This is just to show us some support and say "Hey, I see you!".  

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You celebrate both the act of rolling dice and the idea of listening to other people roll dice and tell stories. You're pretty damn awesome. If this were Football (American or otherwise) you'd watch the games at home and, if able, occasionally at a bar. In terms of D&D you'd buy the players handbook and maybe a couple other books. You cheer for heroes and jeer the villains!
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You sought the true path forward and have found it. For all Tabletop related content and to be called out at the end of every episode on the main AND patreon bonus episode, you have managed to dig a bit deeper in those pockets and we thank you. Imagine, your Patreon handle uttered by Steve for the world to hear! Also, we will have one monthly roleplay related thing. They may be one shots, they may be a bonus campaign, we don't know. That means at this level you get 5 unites of Pod entertainment AND the talk with the DM, AND the add free episodes AAAAAAAAAAAAAND fame!
  • Commercial Free Episodes
  • Talkback Episodes on Alternating Weeks of the Podcast
  • Monthly Chats with the DM about D&D
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About Low Armor Cast

The Low Armor Cast is the actual play comedy D&D Podcast from Dying of Exposure. Set in the world of The Fold, a new sensational sport, the Great Sport, Champion Battles, have taken over provinces, kingdoms, duchies, villages, and all denizens of The Fold. Our players are the Pit Crew for the great Champion Armor Combatant, Lanik Hindfist, of House Morningsun. All in all, a pretty sweet gig for a clumsy Goblin Fighter, a short stack Tabaxi Artificer, and a Feiling Bard.

       ...Until Lanik goes missing, and these squad of small pint pit crew protagonists have to scramble to figure out their next match, what mysteries was Lanik hiding from them, where he disappeared to, and why they were potentially attacked?

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