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About lowlines

Some people draw fanart, make cool videos or fantastic cosplays, I like to write apps and dig around game data for fun.

I share my projects through lowlidev.com.au, which I do as much for myself as I do for others as it enables me to better my knowledge and understanding while immersing myself in my favourite games.

Here are some examples of stuff I have created for Battleborn:
  • Gear Search - a searchable database of every gear in the game and where to find them
  • Interactive Maps - a collection of interactive maps with crowd-sourced locations of chests, secrets and strategies for mastering both PvE and PvP content.
  • Rewards Pages - locate and track items you can obtain in the game with fancy listing pages.
  • Lore Bible - a collection of lore and related articles tied to the game's story.
  • Magnus "lowlibot" - an API-driven Discord chatbot that imparts knowledge and wisdom to curious Discord users with easy-to-use chat commands. Also totally not powered by a mini-singularity that could wipe out an entire system!

And here are some examples of stuff I have created for other games such as Destiny:
  • Gear Viewer - a simple search tool that lets you view a piece of gear in 3D, which is a Three.js port of Bungie.net's Spasm library.
  • Beta Armory - a collection of gear you can obtain in the Destiny 2 Beta and will act as a temporary reference until the APIs become available when the game launches.
  • Beta Bestiary - a lookup guide to every type of enemy you can find in the Destiny 2 Beta along with info like their allegiances and the types of weapons and abilities that empower them.

I also maintain the Unofficial BungieNetPlatform API Documentation in my spare time, which is used by other community developers who harness Bungie's APIs to create awesome apps for Destiny!

Unfortunately, creating content takes time and effort and I can only devote so much time to hobby ventures, which sadly also cost money to keep online. I have also chosen to keep my website ad free, which means I make no money from ad revenue. I can't see into the future, so I don't know for certain if I can continue doing it this way forever.

By supporting me, you can ensure I can keep these resources online indefinitely and eventually be able to put more time aside to make cool stuff!

Currently the majority of my stuff is related to Battleborn, but I have ideas for expanding to Borderlands and other games such as Destiny.

All of these resources will stay freely available to everyone regardless of how much support I get as the goal has always been to create cool resources for the community that also support the awesome developers who create these games that many of us sink hundreds of hours into!
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Keeping a website and services like Magnus "lowlibot" online is fairly cheap, but not free! Help make sure these resources stay online indefinitely!
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